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STRICT No deposit No appointment policy!
There is a NONREFUNDABLE AND NONTRANSERFERABLE DEPOSIT of $30 REQUIRED to book any and all services. Remaining balance due at time of service CASH ONLY! NO EXCEPTIONS!

What does this mean?
If you book an appointment online and pay deposit for example June 6, 2018 3 pm but for some reason cannot make it and would like to cancel for another day and time you will sacrifice your first deposit and will be required to pay another deposit for your next appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you would like to reschedule your appointment it must be done 24 hours before set appointment. You are allowed one free rescheduling date meaning after you reschedule one time the next time there will be a $30 deposit required

If for any reason you do not show up to your appointment and do not contact me directly to cancel/reschedule you will lose your deposit and will no longer be able to book online.

You are given a 15 min grace period to arrive to your appointment. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. After 15 mins you will be charged a $15 late fee which must be paid before starting your service. After 30 mins your appointment is automatically cancelled and you lose your deposit.

   •    All clients come with freshly washed and dry hair. ( If you would like your hair to be taken down and washed please add on service.)
   •    If your lace closure, frontal, or wig need to be customized please drop off the day before appointment during business hours so there will be no delay of service.
   •    Walk-ins are accepted but I do not guarantee service due to being booked. (APPOINTMENTS ARE TOP PRIORITY so booking online is highly recommended)
   •    Space is limited so NO EXTRA COMPANY. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Appointments outside of business hours are extra $50. Any service on Sundays/holidays are extra $50. Same day appointments are extra $100. The only way to schedule a VIP appointment is to contact me. Please be advised to book a VIP appointment you must pay a deposit and extra fee when booking.


If you have any questions about your service or future service please feel free to contact me via phone (305)600-6490 or email:

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